Our Pastor

Reverend Andrew Sims, Sr. was born and blessed in Burke County, Georgia to the late Marion and Hattie M. Sims, the fourth of twelve children, where he attended The Thankful Missionary Baptist Church.  He accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as his personal Savior on Monday, March 24, 1986 through an International Gideon’s Workers’ Testament Bible, and the witness of his beloved deceased brother, Bro. Clint Andrews.  After accepting the Lord Jesus in his life, he was baptized by the now deceased Reverend Doctor Richard W. Jackson at Jerusalem Missionary Baptist Church on the Southside of Jacksonville, Florida. Pastor Jackson embraced Reverend Sims as a mentor and friend.  He as licensed to preach the gospel by Reverend Dr. Alfred Jackson in March of 1991 at The First Missionary Baptist Church in Jacksonville Beach, FL.  On April 25, 1993, he was ordained under the leadership of Rev. Dr. Henry Nixon, Jr. at The First Missionary Church in Jacksonville Beach, FL.  Reverend Sims was thereafter led to join St. Nicholas Bethel Baptist Church in Jacksonville, Florida where Pastor R. W. Jackson was the pastor.  He served faithfully under the guidance of Pastor Jackson.

                 Throughout Reverend Sims’s dedicated tenure, he served in the following capacities:  Sunday School Superintendent, Assistant Minister, Sunday School Teacher, Outreach Ministry and Assistant Pastor.  On September 30, 2010, Rev. Sims was elected to serve as Pastor of the 130-year-old St. Nicholas Bethel Baptist Church.

                 Prior to pasturing St. Nicholas Bethel Baptist Church, Reverend Sims has served faithfully in the State of Florida Department of Corrections for nineteen years as a Chaplaincy Service volunteer and a member of the Warden’s Advisory Board.  He has been instrumental in assisting men in transitions from prison to society.  He has been a testimonial speaker for International Gideon’s for more than twenty years, twice at the Florida State’s Convention.  In addition, he has served many years as a volunteer with Trinity Rescue Mission for the homeless.  He was awarded an Honorary Doctorate in Thomas Brown Presiding bishop on September 1, 2007.  He is currently employed with the Ashbury Automotive Group as a Customer Relations Manager.

                 Reverend Sims is elated to be a member of the Magnolia Acres Community Empowerment Committee where he serves as Parliamentarian in Burke County, Georgia.  Recently, (M.A.C.E.C.) was donated land adjacent to where he grew up, and a park and monumental was instituted for the underprivileged to commemorate past, present, and future families.

                 Reverend Sims and his wonderful wife Emma have been in love for thirty years and she’s one of his greatest blessings.  They have together three fine sons whom they are proud of:  Andre, Marques and Andrew, Jr.